Friday, 20 March 2015

Spotlight: Bobbi Brown

This month I made the incredible discovery that is... Bobbi Brown. Of course I have always known of this brand, but I have never really used any of the products. So during a shopping trip I thought I would pick a few bits and bobs up and I have NOT regretted it :-) Enjoy!

Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick  (Golden Bronze and Shadow) £20.00

Oh my days! I absolutely love a good gold eye shadow, I think its such an easy go-to-sweep-on colour. This gold is utterly delicious, a real dense bronzey-gold. It looks super expensive so it is worth the pennies, it has a glitter / shimmer but nothing too much and cheap looking. It is simply heavenly - I know the swatch doesn't do this any justice so I will do a make up look with this just to show it off! 

The grey is a matte shade. This colour isn't usually something I would go for but I wanted to create a matte eye and try something different. I used this in the outer corners of my eyelid and blended it towards to middle using my finger and it was really lovely, It definitely opened my eyes.

I have pretty oily skin and I did try these without any primer and, true to their word, they stayed. Without primer I would say the grey does have a longer staying power. Both still last all day, but the gold can fade a little. However, when used with primer - both are there for good.

Lip Colour - Pale Pink 21
Lip Pencil - Pale Mauve 

Again the swatches do no justice (but please see the below picture of me wearing the products). I am IN LOVE with this lip liner. I wanted a bold, dare I say it, Kylie Jenner Lip. I got fed up of fighting for a space at the MAC counter so went else where - I'm glad I did! I have dark pigmented lips so I can struggle with lip colours. The liner on its own is beautiful, a nice creamy texture and it goes over my dry skin on my lips - though if you have very dry or chapped lips I would recommend a dab of lip balm beforehand. 

The lip stick is again a lovely creamy formula, for me it compliments the lip liner perfectly. I do wish I could find a lipstick just slightly less pink than this, that would be a winner.

Also, I was SO impressed that the liner came with a sharpener - like outstanding work Bobbi Brown, I think that really shows value for money (applause all round). 

I also got the Smokey Eye Mascara and Lip gloss in Bare Sparkle as freebies. The mascara... its a love hate. It is a fantastic mascara and I probably would buy it, but I have to take my time applying it otherwise it can clump and stick together. But done right, wow..! The lip gloss also is beautiful, so far I have just worn it over the lipstick and it gave a lovely glow/sheen/shimmer - it'll look great in the Summer with a tan I imagine.

Above is me wearing all the products mentioned minus the lip gloss and Golden Bronze Shadow. Let me know what you think and if you have any Bobbi Brown recommendations :-) 

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Thanks for reading! x


  1. The makeup looks great on you! :D

  2. Everything looks so great, I really need to try some Bobbi Brown makeup :) You are absolutely stunning!
    Love your blog, do you not have Bloglovin or GFC so I can follow you? x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown products, I can't wait to get my hands on some more!

      Unfortunately I have tried my best with Bloglovin but it tells me my feed is invalid and therefore cannot find my blog. I am totally useless with this kind of stuff and after Googleing for hours I am still non the wiser! There should be a follow button on the right-side bar to follow on Blogger I think :-)


  3. i think i only own one bobbi brown product unfortunately! your makeup looks great in that photo :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle